Self governance in a sentence

In his home policy Pericles carried out more fully Ephialtes' project of making the Athenian people truly self-governing. Products can be part of the Fair Trade Federation yet not be part of the fair trade certification labeling process.

None of the French possessions is self-governing in the manner of the chief British colonies. Thus grew up a number of municipalities - practically self-governing republics - semiindependent feudatories in the feudal state. Rivers do not form effective international boundaries, although between dependent self-governing communities they are convenient lines of demarcation.

He developed this line of argument when moving the second reading of the Home Rule bill in April, and at Dundee in the autumn outlined a general policy under which England would be cut up into self-governing areas. In pursuance of the policy of encouraging the self-governing powers of the Basuto, a national council was instituted and held its first sitting in July Thereupon the Natal ministry resigned, giving as their reason the importance of maintaining the authority of the colonial administration at a critical period, and the constitutional question involved in the interference by the imperial authorities in the domestic affairs of a self-governing colony.

But at the close of the Cape ministry formally reopened the question of federation, and at a railway conference held in Pretoria in May the Natal delegates agreed to a motion affirming the desirability of the early union of the self-governing colonies.

Nevertheless, on economic as well as political grounds, the leaders of both parties in the Transvaal were prepared to consider favourably the proposals put forward by Dr Jameson at the close of for a closer union of all the self-governing colonies, and the first direct step to that end was taken at an inter-colonial conference held in May Notwithstanding the remonstrances of the Indian government, the imperial authorities could not effectively intervene; a self-governing colony in which whites alone possessed the franchise must be allowed to take its own course.

On the 31st of May the articles of peace whereby the Boer leaders recognized British sovereignty were signed at Pretoria, and five years later there assembled in the capital the first parliament of the Transvaal as a self-governing state of the British Empire.

The term is not in use in self-governing churches like the Congregationalists and Baptists, though these from time to time hold councils or assemblies national and internationalfor conference and fellowship without any legislative power. Others maintain that only the seaboard was included in the province, the inland cities being constituted self-governing"protected" communities.

Canada Canadian periodicals have reached a higher standard than in. This movement is characterized firstly by its magnitude; secondly, by the fact that the emigrant changes his political allegiance, for by far the greater part of modern emigration is to independent countries, and even where it is to colonies the colonies are largely self-governing and self-regarding; and thirdly, it is a movement of individuals seeking their own good, without state direction or aid. One was a Roman colonia municipality of Roman citizens, self-governing situated on the hill near the present Fourvieres Forum vetus.

self governance in a sentence

Similarly each congregation is independent and self-governingthere being no superior-general or central authority, as in other orders. The significance of these great events in the general history of America is that from onwards there was, in the New World, an autonomous community not wholly unified at once, nor without strife, but self-governing and self-subsisting, in entire separation from European control.

Formerly Kerbela was a self-governing hierarchy and constituted an inviolable sanctuary for criminals; but in the Turkish government undertook to deprive the city of some of these liberties and to enforce conscription. From July to June the province was a self-governing colony. In this convention Mr Steyn took a leading and conciliatory part, and subsequently the Orange River legislature agreed to the terms drawn up by the convention for the unification of the four self-governing colonies.

The period during which the province had been a self-governing colony had been one of steady progress in most directions, but was greatly embittered by the educational policy pursued by General Hertzog. It is sometimes suggested that self-governing colonies are to be regarded as true states. The self-governing colonies forming part of the "multi cellular British state," as F.Exercising control or rule over oneself or itself. All rights reserved. Switch to new thesaurus. Based on WordNet 3.

Having political independence: autonomousfreeindependentsovereign.


Mentioned in? Anguilla Aruba autarch autarchic autarchical autarchy autonomous autonomously autonomy Belize Belize City Bermuda Bermudan Bermudian black nationalism Black Nationalist body politic Bophuthatswana borough.

References in periodicals archive? Finally, the topic of self-governance for non-fort-profit organizations is discussed. Threshold requirements of Circular A In addition to equal management status for nursing at Rush, medicine and nursing share a similar model of self-governance. Hospitals are familiar with the medical staff organization, which is one form or another is active in hospitals nationwide. Physicians can ease nursing shortage. In July the International Federation of Accountants released for comment a proposed study intended to improve public-sector entities' self-governance.

Corporate Governance in the Public Sector: A Governing Body Perspective recommends that governments use private-sector corporate governance concepts and practices to achieve their objectives more openly and effectively, and in the process, better serve their constituencies. IFAC study examines public-sector corporate governance. In its present and projected forms, we do not, unless the people of this country want to give up self-governance in all but a few areas. Letter: We do not need the EU in this form.

Dharavi, said to be Asia's largest slum, is a shining example of resilience, self-help, and self-governance not only to the rest of India, but also to slum dwellers globally. From back office to center stage: India hosts the World Social Forum at a crucial stage in its postcolonial history.

Appellate court suspends GB Order People raise concern over promulgation of Gilgit Baltistan Order, According to official sources, the premier will announce the Government of Gilgit-Baltistan Order to replace the Gilgit-Baltistan Empowerment and Self-governance Order PM to 'announce' new GB govt order on Sunday. The role of multinational corporations in global environmental politics.

The people of Kashmir have a right to raise their voice to demand self-governance through independence. Michael urges Indian HR organization to help oppressed Kashmiris.

HDP won't take self-rule to UN, calling it domestic issue. Dictionary browser? Full browser?In it was ordained and agreed " that no person shall from henceforth be mayor in the said city if he have not first been sheriff of the said city, to the end that he may be tried in governance and bounty before he attains such estate of the mayoralty. Strong and regular governance had on the whole prevailed ever since Henry II.

The position of the first Tudor king is misconceived if his early years are regarded as a time of strong governance and well-established order. Disputes about vestments had expanded into a controversy over the whole field of Church government and authority, and Parker died on the 17th of May,lamenting that Puritan ideas of " governance " would "in conclusion undo the queen and all others that depended upon her.

The City Corporation exercises a control over the majority of the London markets, which dates from the close of the 14th century, when dealers were placed under the governance of the mayor and aldermen. Laurence Gomme, in The Governance of Londonopposes the view that the city was for a time left deserted a view which, it may be remarked, is a comparatively modern one, probably originating with Dr Guest.

In the view of the Church of England the ultimate governance of the Christian community, in things spiritual and temporal, was vested not in the clergy but in the "Christian prince" as the vicegerent of God. When he summoned out the fyrd they came in great force to his aid, not so much because they trusted in the promises of good governance and reduced taxation which he made, but because they saw that a horde of greedy barons would be worse to serve than a single king, however hard and selfish he might be.

His policy was sound; peace with France, the rehabilitation of the dwindling foreign trade of England, and the maintenance of law and justice by strong-handed governance were his main aims. For many centuries this district between London and Westminster was a kind of " no man's land " having certain archaic customs.

self governance in a sentence

Gomme in his Governance of London gives an account of the connexion of this with the old village of Aldwich, a name that survived in Wych Street, and has been revived by the London County Council in Aldwych, the crescent which leads to Kingsway. The remainder of the Suvalki population is under Polish governanceas also nearly the whole of the 1, persons inhabiting Vilna province and theinhabiting Grodno province.

self governance in a sentence

It showed itself in a desire to throw off the governance of the missionaries, in a criticism of Protestant creeds as not adapted to Japanese needs, and in a slackened growth numerically and intensively. Cheke took a fairly active share in public life; he sat, as member for Bletchingley, for the parliaments of and 1 55 ; he was made provost of King's College, Cambridge April 1,was one of the commissioners for visiting that university as well as Oxford and Eton, and was appointed with seven divines to draw up a body of laws for the governance of the church.

Hsrolds governance of the realm seems to have been on the whole successful. He had given his realm good and strong governance ; according to his lights he had striven to keep faith and to observe his coronation oath.

Moreover, Harold had before his eye as a precedent the displacement of the effete Carolingian line in France, by the new house of Robert the Strong and Hugh Capet, seventy years before, He prepared for the crisis that must come at the death of Edward the Confessor by bestowing the governance of several earldoms upon his brothers. The new rgime did not give England the peace which it had promised; its enemies maintained that it did not even give the good governance of which Simon had made so many promises.

A long experience of his character and actions convinced barons and commons alike that he was a just and sincere man, a friend of good governanceand an honest opponent of arbitrary and unconstitutional rule.

He ever had the goodwill of the people because he knew how to give them fair words, and always spoke not of himself but of the augmentation and good governance of the kingdom, for which he would spend his life; and thus he had the goodwill of England, so that in all the land he was the lord who was held in most esteem and faith and credence. The clauses dealing with the general governance of the realm are also as enlightened as could be expected from the character of the committee which drafted the charter.See more words from the same year Dictionary Entries near self-governing self-good self-governance self-governed self-governing self-government self-gratification self-gratulation.

Accessed 10 Oct. Keep scrolling for more More Definitions for self-governing self-governing. Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible. Test Your Vocabulary Forms of Government Quiz A gerontocracy is rule by: unwritten laws soothsayers elders animals Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way.

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Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? Build a city of skyscrapers—one synonym at a time. Login or Register. Save Word. Definition of self-governing. First Known Use of self-governingin the meaning defined above. Keep scrolling for more. Learn More about self-governing. Share self-governing Post the Definition of self-governing to Facebook Share the Definition of self-governing on Twitter.

Time Traveler for self-governing The first known use of self-governing was in See more words from the same year.

What is SELF-GOVERNANCE? SELF-GOVERNANCE meaning, definition \u0026 explanation

Dictionary Entries near self-governing self-good self-governance self-governed self-governing self-government self-gratification self-gratulation See More Nearby Entries. Statistics for self-governing Look-up Popularity. More Definitions for self-governing. English Language Learners Definition of self-governing. Kids Definition of self-governing. More from Merriam-Webster on self-governing Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for self-governing.

Comments on self-governing What made you want to look up self-governing? Get Word of the Day daily email!This self-assessment tool is to help determine whether you should visit a health care provider for further COVID related assessment and testing.

You can complete this tool for yourself or for someone else if they are not able. If you are experiencing severe symptoms such as difficulty breathing, do not proceed with the self-assessment tool If this is a proposed Fast Track Self-Governance modification then legal drafting and commentary must be provided.

Text Commentary In support of the legal text provided, the legal representative shall provide a plain English explanatory note setting out the approach taken to converting the Solution into legal text, illustrating how the legal Leadership selection in self-governing First Nations. Self-governing First Nations do not fall under the Indian Act. They establish their own laws and policies in a broad range of matters for their communities and according to their cultures and traditions, including leadership selection.

Assisting individuals in becoming self-governing through a facilitating process that engages the fundamental elements that allows for the evolution of the spirit; namely, introspection, meditation, reflection, consideration, reason and power. Topic sentences are similar to mini thesis statements. Like a thesis statement, a topic sentence has a specific main point. Whereas the thesis is the main point of the essay, the topic sentence is the main point of the paragraph.

Like the thesis statement, a topic sentence has a unifying function. However, the local government structure supported a system of relative self-governance Conway,p. Cohen, 53, began serving his sentence last May and was scheduled to be released from prison in November When the first Pilgrims voyaged to the New World, a bizarre twist of fate created a spirit of self-government.

These Pilgrims of the Mayflower were bound for Virginia inbut they got lost and instead landed at Plymouth in present-day Massachusetts. Since Plymouth did not lie within the boundaries of the Virginia colony, the Pilgrims had Viper helicopter Water governance is the set of formal and informal processes through which decisions related to water management are made.

Good water governance is primarily about knowing what processes work best in a particular physical and socioeconomic context. The direct participation of the royal and viceroyal figures in areas of governance is limited. Challenges and Opportunities in Municipal Governance iii Foreword Despite the absence of elected representatives for almost two decades, the provisions of the Local Self Governance Act LSGA have continued to apply to local bodies in Nepal through government-appointed bureaucrats.

Listen to this radio show at the bottom of this intro article.Switzerland is a heterogeneous confederation of 26 self-governing cantons.

The Orthodox Church is composed of 23 self-governing churches that emerged from the Byzantine Empire. Until the recent development of self-governing trust hospitals, health service pay and conditions were agreed nationally.

For this reason self-governing status was simply not on the agenda for any of its hospitals. Nevertheless, effective self-governing Trusts and positive contract specification might rest upon the sort of information implicit in a resource management system.

It's the first school in Scotland to become self-governingand has raised deep concerns in the local community. Purely private defamation has little to do with the political ends of a self-governing society.

Regional authorities face the chop and a smaller number of new committees will keep an eye on the self-governing trusts. Immediately before the local elections two of the new self-governing hospital trusts announced 1, redundancies. While they exist to serve public purposes, they are self-governing and only subject to a limited state control. It is a matter best addressed at a future date in the light of the experience of the self-governing colleges.

In further education, it devolves power from local authorities to local self-governing boards. In doing this they provide the material for their own cultural development that is self-determining and self-governing.

In order to stimulate competition, large hospitals were encouraged to become self-governing. The health authority has agreed to hear a presentation on self-governing trusts at its next meeting on Monday. Hospitals that have chosen to opt out of health-authority control and become self-governing will start running their own affairs.

The years were spent in travel abroad, mainly in the self-governing colonies. Each of these was built along the Babylonian model, as a self-governing fragment of the fallen Judean kingdom. Many of the larger communities felt they would be better off if they were self-governing. The authority's line that it should not even do any homework on self-governing is considered impractical. Island authorities are keen to take advantage of their position as a self-governing Crown protectorate to attract offshore investment funds.

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self governance in a sentence

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Self-government in a sentence

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