Rise of kingdoms academy upgrade requirements

Last Updated on March 27, In Rise of Kingdoms game, the player builds its own Kingdom and build a strong army of high-tier troops lead by powerful commanders. Players can attack each other cities and loot their resources.

The game also lets you join an alliance that provides many benefits to your Kingdom.

The Fastest Way To Unlock Tier 4 Troops!

Use the quick navigation links to view particular content directly. In Rise of Kingdoms, you can build a variety of buildings in the kingdom. These buildings include training centers, production centers, alliance facilities, research facilities, commander recruitment center, and many more. To build these facilities or use these facilities, you need resources; food, wood, stone, and gold.

But, as soon as you reach the high-level, the upgrade cost will increase and you will need a huge amount of resources.

rise of kingdoms academy upgrade requirements

You can loot these resources by attacking other player Kingdoms. Similarly, other players can also invade your base. To protect the resources Defense and attack the enemies, you need to build an army of high-tier troops and power-up the commanders.

The total power of your Kingdom is affected by the building power, technology power, troops power, and commanders power. In order to increase the power of the Kingdom, you need to power-up these aspects. So these are the ways to increase the power of the city in Rise of Kingdoms game.

In Rise of Kingdoms game, there are two types of buildings; economy buildings and military buildings. At the bottom-left corner of the game screen, tap the hammer icon to check the buildings.

You can switch between three tabs; economic, military, and decoration. City Hall is the main building in your Kingdom. If you upgrade the city hall, new buildings or the maximum limit of building a specific building will increase.

rise of kingdoms academy upgrade requirements

As you upgrade the city hall to the next levels, you will enter a new era every certain level. By default, the Kingdom starts in the Stone Age.

Rise of Kingdoms Guides

Academy is one of the main buildings in Rise of Kingdoms game. In the academy, you can research two types of technologies; economic and military. There are two tabs on the left side of this window; economic, military. In the economic tab, you can search the technologies related to the production of resources, troop load, research speed, gathering speed, and more. In the military tab, you can see the technologies related to troops, training speed, new troops, attack, march speed, defense, and more.

Storehouse is another main facility in Rise of Kingdoms. As you know that other players can invade your Kingdom anytime and steal the resources. This storehouse protects the resources; food, wood, stone, gold. But there is a limit.The Academy is a building which allows the governor to research various technologies. Upgrading the academy will permanently increase the research speed bonus for the city. Each time the academy is upgraded, additional technologies can be researched.

Note that simply because the research is unlocked at a specific academy level, it will likely still have some pre-requisite technologies. Those pre-requisites are not show here and can be viewed on the individual technology page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? The name traces back to Plato's school of philosophy, founded approximately BC at Akademia, a sanctuary of Athens, Greece. Building Requirements Please note The build times listed below assume no building bonuses are active, such as those from technologiesalliance technologiesor VIP perks.

While we cannot predict your build time, it will likely be less. Categories :. Unlocked at: City Hall Lv. Please note The build times listed below assume no building bonuses are active, such as those from technologiesalliance technologiesor VIP perks. Watchtower Lv. Irrigation Level 2 Handsaw Level 2. Irrigation Level 3 Handsaw Level 3. Irrigation Level 4 Handsaw Level 4.

Tracking Level 3 Pathfinding Level 3. Camouflage Level 3 Cartography Level 2. Camouflage Level 5 Cartography Level 4. Long Swordsman Crossbowman Knight Ballista.The Commander Sculptures in Rise of Kingdoms are mainly used to unlock and upgrade the skills of the commanders.

You can also use the Commander Sculptures to upgrade commander star but it is not recommended in most cases. You can also use these sculptures to upgrade the skills of your commanders. You can obtain the sculptures of these Commanders from various events and quests at the beginning of the game.

They are also obtainable in Silver Chests. You can obtain the sculptures of these Commanders from various events in the game and also in the Expedition Store. You can obtain the sculptures of these Commanders from various events in Rise of Kingdoms and also the Expedition Store. You can also obtain them from both Silver Chests and Golden Chests. You can obtain the sculptures of these Commanders from various events in Rise of Kingdoms and also the Expedition Store sometimes.

Advanced Commander Universal Sculpture. Can be used to upgrade the skills of any Advanced Commander you have. Elite Commander Universal Sculpture. Can be used to upgrade the skills of any Elite Commander you have. Epic Commander Universal Sculpture. Can be used to upgrade the skills of any Epic Commander you have. Legendary Commander Universal Sculpture. Can be used to upgrade the skills of any Legendary Commander you have.The Academy is the most important building in Rise Of Kingdoms and its hardest building to upgrade on the max level.

Its a place where you will research all your technology. Upgrading the academy will increase your Research Speed. It is important to upgrade the academy as fast as you can. You can upgrade your Academy easily to level 24 but upgrading the academy on LVL 25 will be a problem.

rise of kingdoms academy upgrade requirements

For 25 you will need to work hard. To upgrade Academy on level 25 you will need to upgrade all buildings on Level To get Castle on level 25 looks impossible but you can do it. Rise of Kingdoms is a game of patience and dedication if you are not a spender. I would advise you not to use your speedups on research until you get your academy on level Then you can go all in and use all your speedups. Wait for the event to win some rewards for upgrading. The problem that happened to many people they had max research for academy 24 and they could not do more research because they did no have academy on LVL Academy is not a problem its castle and castle level 25 is a requirement to upgrade your academy.

Focus on your castle every day because there is no event or shop where you can buy books of covenant to upgrade your castle. Check our guide on how to farm books of covenant. Your email address will not be published.

Skip to content. Table of Contents. Academy tips. Building Requirements. Technology Unlocks. Side Quests. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Learn More.To Power up faster in the Rise of Kingdoms formerly Rise of Civilizations game requires skills, time, and what to prioritize. Upgrading all buildings is not that necessary since most of the city buildings give low power when improving. So here is a guide on how to power up faster and better than other Governors in the Kingdom.

These are the basic tips on how to power up faster in Rise of Kingdoms, doable even without spending a dime. The more you play, the further understanding you will earn. This guide is among the things you can do to obtain a powerful City even in just a week! City Hall is the most important building in the game because other buildings that give lots of power can only be upgraded to what level your City Hall is. Researching at the Academy is another addition to the equation. Make sure the Academy is not idle so you will not be wasting time and opportunity to increase your Governor Power.

The one that gives most power is the military research in the Academy. Economic Technology can come in second. If you lose troops, your power will also decrease. Goldmine is the only resource building that gives more power than the rest.

Make sure all of your Goldmines are at level with your city hall. You can only set one max building to other resource buildings like Crop field, Lumber Mill, and Quarry since they are required to upgrade pre-requisites of your City Hall. Hospitals in Rise of Kingdoms are not just for the healing of troops but also give lots of power to your City as part of the Building Power Equation.

Always keep in mind to have all four of your hospitals maxed out with your City Hall for additional power.


The higher the Hospital levels are, the lesser you lose troops in Wars. If the wounded troops exceed the Hospital Capacity, troops will die and decrease your Troop Power.

The Tavern is where you can obtain resources or commander sculptures to level up your commanders from Silver and Golden Chests. Make sure not to skip them daily as they give out amazing rewards randomly, especially the Golden Chest. Expedition can reward you with amazing resources the higher level you finished every 24 hours which is essential to boost your power. It gives you medals daily which can be exchanged for hero sculptures. Gathering resources is key for upgrading or building your city faster.

In the game, it is fairly easy to mine resources around the map. Just bring out mining-beneficial commanders with Siege Weapons to be able to carry more resources. This is one of the crucial stuff to remember in the game. The gems you can obtain from quests and other events are useful to increase your VIP level even without spending a dollar. The reason why it is important to save those red gems in the game until VIP level 6 is to unlock the second builder queue permanently!

So save them up and reap the benefits too!So firstly, try to get your City Hall to level 21 in the shortest time. Tier 4 Units are only unlocked at City Hall level Some of your buildings can be at a lower level than the others and it is totally fine. When you upgrade your buildings, try to capture the runes from the Altar. Also, you want to make sure that you get some help from your Alliance members by upgrading your Alliance Center whenever have idle builder. In addition, Alliance has technologies that help you increase the Research Speed and Building Speed a lot.

That is why you should always try to get into a good Alliance with high Technology. Stop wasting your time to research the first 6 Economic technologies below. You can get them by visiting the Tribal Villages. Focus on the Mathematics first because the research speed of Tier 4 Units takes a really long time, 14 days.

Having Mathematics at level is enough for you when getting Tier 4 Units. The only exception is the Pathfinding. It is the only and fastest way to unlock T4 Units in Rise of Kingdoms right now. Hello guys,I am Shinchi42, a Youtuber, who is falling in love with the incredibly awesome video game called Rise of Kingdoms.

Researching Toward T5 in Rise of Kingdoms

I love writing guides and doing guide videos for the game. You can check out my Youtube Channel for more contents!I will show you some tips and tricks on how to get them faster. If you are free to play you can unlock tier 5 unites to but it will take time and commitment. You will need to upgrade buildings to level 25, research all technology. Well, this is easy. You need to have every type of building on level 25 and military max research the same as the economy.

You want to upgrade your academy and city hall to level 25 as fast you can. You need so many books. From level 24 to level 25 you need books. Or if you want to spend money this is where you need to invest your gems.

The best time to buy books is during more than gems event.

Rise Of Kingdoms Castle Upgrade Requirements – Cost – Book Of Covenant

I did it the hard way with farming barbarian forts. Now how to get most books with fewer attack points. For this, you need a Peacekeeper commander and farm account. You want to go far away from your alliance. You will do forts only with your 2 accounts. Now it is hard to kill forts level 4 and level 5. But you can easily solo forts that are 1,2,3.

You will start the rally on level 3 fort with your main account and then join to rally with your farm account. While you are on your farm account start fort level 2 then go back on the main account and join to rally. Repeat this as much you can. Now you are wondering why to do this. Because you will have bigger damage done to the fort and drop chance will be higher and you will get 5 books.

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